New Gig…

I am back from a short vacation no longer with EMC/Greenplum. I am now on the SAP HANA team.

This move will not change this blog much… I will keep posts here unbiased.

I have a couple queued up… look for them in the next few weeks…

And thanks for following this site…

– Rob

2 thoughts on “New Gig…”

  1. Wow !!
    Happy to see you again in my ecosystem ^_^
    I have seen HANA/BO now opened to Hadoop.
    It seems a Big opportunity.
    Have you business cases and, more important, your vision to share ?


    1. Hi Bruno… I have promised myself that I would not swamp this blog with HANA promotional materials. I will promote HANA on the SAP blogsite… and will provide links from here to there that make it clear which posts are personal and, as far as possible, unbiased… and which posts are inspired by my paycheck.

      As far as Hadoop goes… You have heard me say it… Hadoop is an emerging market that is dominated by open source… that means not-for-profit software. Hadoop is not an addressable market like the LINUX market with 100’s of thousand of licenses… so the idea that there will be a Red Hat for Hadoop seems wrong-headed. Further, Red Hat pioneered the open source business model, which is to say that they had no competition. Other companies watched them from the sidelines as they grew. This is not the case with Hadoop. The barrier to entry to the Hadoop market is very small and everybody is entering… so the smaller addressable market will be addressed by more players. It is not where I would place my bet these days if I had a significant database technology to take to market.

      SAP just passed Teradata to become the fourth largest database vendor in the world. HANA, with a year in the market, will pass both Greenplum and Teradata in the next twelve months in the number of paying customers… and soon-enough be 10X bigger (10X bigger than Teradata would be 8000 customers). There are 20,000 SAP BW customers who will see immediate payback by converting to HANA from Oracle.

      This is not meant to be an advertisement for HANA… it is just a description of the reality of SAP’s position in the market… and a reminder that there is a huge addressable market in the data warehouse space. Look for us there rather than in the Hadoop space. I’m not privy to the long range plan as yet… but I imagine that SAP will make a move in that space as that market matures… rather than fight through the early adoption phase at the expense of neglecting the billions-plus dollar DW market.

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