More on The Future of Hadoop and of Big Data DBMSs


First, you should look at Google’s Spanner paper here… this is the next-gen from Google and once it is embraced by the open source community it will put even more pressure on the big data DBMSs. Also have a look at YARN the next Map/Reduce… more pressure still…

Next… you can imagine that the conventional database folks will quibble a little with my analysis. Lets try to anticipate the push-back:

  • Hadoop will never be as fast as a commercial DBMS

Maybe not… but if it is close then a little more hardware will make up the difference… and “free” is hard to beat in price/performance.

  • SSD devices will make a conventional DBMS as fast as in-memory

I do not think so… disk controllers, the overhead of non-memory I/O, and an inability to fully optimize processing for in-memory will make a big difference. I said 50X to be conservative… but it could be 200X… and a 200X performance improvement reduces the memory required to process a query by 200X… so it adds up.

  • The Price of IMDB will always be prohibitive

Nope. The same memory that is in SSD’s will become available as primary memory soon and the price points for SSD-based and IMDB will converge.

  • IMDB won’t scale to 100TB

HANA is already there… others will follow.

  • Commercial customers will never give up their databases for open source

Economics means that you pay me now or you pay me later… companies will do what makes economic sense.

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