Becoming Unbalanced…

I started this blog with two objectives:

  1. To try and raise the level of understanding of readers about the implications of database architecture… architecture usually counts for more than features; and
  2. To correct marketing claims that cannot be supported by the architecture.

When I was at Greenplum a small company then a small division at EMC… I hope that I kept a balance between the two. But I’m afraid that at SAP I am seeing more junk written about HANA than you can imagine… and I may be becoming unbalanced, in my blogging if not all around. Maybe there is too much HANA stuff?

To combat this I would like to solicit ideas and issues that you might like me to think about. If you see unfair or untrue marketing junk let me know and I’ll see if I can help unFUD it. I won’t promise to take on each and every submission… but I’ll do what I can.

You can best reach me through email at LinkedIn…

And thanks, as always, for your time…

– Rob

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