My .2 Cents on HANA

Out of respect for my employer let me repeat what I have said before regarding HANA… HANA provides far and away the best price/performance of any data warehouse… no question. HANA will win the performance portion of every POC just based on the facts detailed in this graphic:

Latency 3

Other products database code lives thousands to tens of thousands times further away from the data than in HANA. Based on this I honestly believe that HANA will come to dominate the market… And I’ll say more on this when I post my 2 cents on HANA…

But Teradata is the leader for good reason… and in the next posts providing my 2 cents I will find good things to say about several other  products…

This personal blog is not for marketing any particular product… it is about architecture…

To their credit my employer has given me no grief over the Teradata post… but I know that some folks are wincing over the idea that I would say something good about the competition… My apologies…

6 thoughts on “My .2 Cents on HANA

  1. I have to agree with the approach making it about the architecture and sales or marketing pitches is powerful and HANA will make waves in the market place.


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