Aster Data for a price…

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If Greenplum HAWQ does not look promising (see my previous posts on HAWQ here and here) what are the prospects for Teradata Aster Data… which aspires to both replace and/or co-exist with Hadoop for a fee? Teradata+Hadoop maybe… but Teradata+Aster+Hadoop seems like one layer too many… as does Aster+Hadoop.

(OK, I removed the bad “HAWQing” pun in the title… no complaints from readers… it just seemed unfair… – Rob)

2 thoughts on “Aster Data for a price…”

  1. Hadoop and Hive struggle immensely from a data discovery perspective and iterative analytics perspective. Further, Impala is still immature and lacks the processing power for more complex analyses (path, churn, sentiment, etc.). There is a sweet spot for databases who can support low latency iterative analytics and more complex analyses that MapReduce requires. Aster fits that role and is having some success (after a rocky start post acquisition).

    1. Thanks, Francois…

      I agree on the issue of maturity… but Hadoop, Hive, and Impala will improve quickly and there will be no place for Aster, IMO.

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