High Performance Commercial Computing


In between leaving SAP and starting at the Social Security Administration I did some work for Cognilytics and with Intel. They have posted a white paper I composed here, titled “High Performance Commercial Computing in 2015”. Both Cognilytics and Intel allowed me the freedom to build this as I saw fit… so it is not too commercial… and there are a couple of new thoughts for your consideration. Have a look…


2 thoughts on “High Performance Commercial Computing”

  1. How about a raise of my Social Security benefits? I’ve never voted Republican so that should count for something. Hope DC is treating you well.

    1. I just cannot get baited into this on my techie blog, Phil… 🙂 But I’ll look forward to some vino with you and Dina soon.

      For those of you who do not know Phil… he is married to Dina Bitton… who designed the first TPC database benchmark. But as most readers know… geekiness is not transmitted by proximity to our significant others… hence Phil’s political, not geeky, comment. This lack of easy transmission is fortunate since otherwise, neither my readers nor I, would ever attract a significant other.

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