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About me…

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to read my humble scribblings…

I am Rob Klopp… a somewhat schizophrenic data warehouse expert in at least two dimensions (my friends might chronicle more). First… I ping back and forth from outward, customer-facing positions to corporate product-facing positions… sometimes I’m hands-on… sometimes not. There is a closely related back-and-forth from individual contributor roles to more management and executive management roles. The second personality flips from enjoying the dynamics of start-up ventures… to enjoying the market clout of working for a large and leading corporation.

I currently work:

  • for the Greenplum Division of EMC
  • with the HANA group at SAP
  • as an Independent Consultant associated with Cognilytics, Inc… But this is temporary. Stay tuned for another announcement here soon
  • as the CTO of the US Social Security Administration
  • as the CIO of the US Social Security Administration.

Previously I have worked as an independent consultant to several large enterprises and to several advanced technology start-ups in the Silicon Valley. I have also run my own software start-up in the analytics space (exited by selling the IP to a large DW player) and run a DW services start-up (acquired by a large consulting firm). I started in the data warehouse space in 1987 at Teradata before they went public. My LinkedIn profile is here… feel free to connect.

I started this blog to try to sort out the marketing fluff from the realities of the architectural trade-offs each product makes. In the end any product’s price and performance is the result of those choices and of the state of their feature set. These topics are composed by my geekier self. Soon enough, and with the forbearance of my readers, I will let my business side muse out and compose some thoughts on the state of the market…

Let me end this as I started by thanking folks for reading this… I am surprised by the response for sure…

– Rob Klopp

May 28, 2012

Updated: July 17, 2012

Updated: December 2, 2014

Updated: January 13, 2015

8 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Hi Rob,

    I have recently come across this blog and cannot express in words how much I enjoy your frank and illuminating evaluations of the latest data warehouse developments, along with the informative debate that usually ensues.

    One question: why did you leave EMC for SAP?



    1. Thank you for the kind words, Andrew…

      Why did I leave EMC… concern over the business strategy of the Greenplum Division…. You can see some of this in my post about Hadoop eating Greenplum and will see a little more in my upcoming 2 cents on Greenplum.

      In addition they were very much uninterested in hearing my opinion on these subjects… To be fair Greenplum is in good company on this point joining my parents, my ex-wife, and several Facebook friends.

      Why SAP… as part of gathering competitive intelligence for Greenplum I became convinced that SAP was doing the right things with HANA.



  2. Wow. Terrific blog, which in five minutes of reading has already saved me from a possible strategic blunder (based on your comments about Greenplum performance, mostly). Back to the drawing board. Too bad you’re not in the Bay Area– I’d buy you a number of beers while I picked your brain…


  3. Attending your presentation in the Altmeyer. I asked the first question.
    I think your ideas are fresh and exciting. Truly hoping SSA can move forward with you.


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